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As adults, we regularly ask ourselves several questions a day. As parents, those questions increase tremendously, and there is more worry associated with them! When it comes to language and your child, you might ask yourself: 

  • How can I support my child in the early years if I don’t speak or understand French well—or at all? 

  • Do I send my child to a French or immersion school?

  • How can I help my child with his or her French homework assignments?

  • … and the list goes on and on!

Here is a list of excellent information and videos to help you navigate, the non-francophone parent, on your journey to raising a bilingual or multilingual child.

PDF resources
PDF Resources
Dream Big
PDF - Voir grand - c'est élémentaire
PDF - Voir grand - petit à petit
PDF - Voir grand - à l'adolescence
I'm With You!
PDF - I'm with you
French: The Gift of a Lifetime
The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain
Five Techniques to Speak Any Foreign Language
My School of Choice (in French with English subtitles)
My School of Choice - What will it be?
Culture and Learning
Childcare Services
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