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Our Vision, Mission, Mandate & Values



As primary caregivers, parents fully participate in the linguistic, cultural and educational development of their children within the francophone community of Manitoba.



To represent, unite and equip parents of francophone families to be meaningfully engaged in the lives of their children and their community. To ensure the development of high-quality francophone early childhood programing and childcare centres.



To advocate for francophone parents, and francophone early years in Manitoba.



Pride : We are proud of our language, identity, diversity and sense of belonging within the francophone community.

Education : We value the role of the parent as their child’s first teacher and help foster the development of effective parenting skills and community leadership. Parents, educators and community play a vital role in the growth of our youth, from the prenatal period through to post-secondary.

Inclusion : We welcome all families to find their place within our francophone community to develop a sense of belonging and engagement.

Innovation : By embracing innovation and creative thinking, we offer useful and relevant services that meet the changing needs of parents and members

Collaboration : We actively collaborate with our members and partner organizations to involve, mobilize and represent the parents in our community.

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