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Our Board of Directors

FPFM Board of Directors

Zoé Therrien


Marta Allard


Oumar Gueye


Julie Nolot


Chantal Young

Member at large

Rosetta Tona

Member at large

Mariem Anne

Member at large

Akcha Hayat

Member at large

Meet the FPFM Team

Our team

Brigitte L’heureux

Executive Director

204 237-9666 ext. 202 or email

Cric Studios_-119.jpg

Maroua Hamdani

CRÉE Coordinator situated at the FPFM

204 237-9666 ext. 205 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 1 of 74.jpg

Rachelle Friesen

Liaison and Professional Development Coordinator

204 237-9666 ext. 208 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 42 of 74.jpg

Leila Oussedik

Communications and project coordinator for AMIS

204 237-9666 ext. 206 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 46 of 74.jpg

Nathalie Johnstone

Programs Coordinator

204 237-9666 ext. 204 or email


Kaitlynd Ouellet

Francophone Consultant and support for multilingual families

204 237-9666 ext. 203 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 18 of 74.jpg

Joanne Colliou

CREÉ'S Manager

204 237-9666 ext. 216 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 34 of 74.jpg

Juliette Chabot

Project Coordinator for CAJEM

204 237-9666 ext. 217 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 38 of 74.jpg

Lynne Tkachuk

Coordinator for the development of childcare spaces

204 237-9666 ext. 208 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 40 of 74.jpg

Julie Belley

Human Resources

204 237-9666 ext. 214 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 43 of 74.jpg

Fatima Thiam

Project Coordinator for HIPPY

204 237-9666 ext. 218 or email

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 49 of 74.jpg

Taous Zarouri

Visitor for the HIPPY program

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 47 of 74.jpg

Meriem Kitou

Visitor for the HIPPY program

FPFM_2022_Cric Studios 52 of 74.jpg

Detty Kajuru

Visitor for the HIPPY program

Thank You to Our Funders

  • Ministère de l’Éducation

Annual Reports

Annual Reports

See our latest Annual Reports online (in French only)

Couverture Rapport 2020-21.jpg
Couverture Rapport 2019-20.jpg
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