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About us

The Fédération des parents de la francophonie manitobaine (FPFM) is a non-profit organization created by and for parents in 1976.


The FPFM offers programs, services, resources and training to help support families and early childhood educators in creating an environment where children can thrive and flourish in French. 

Our programs and services are based on the belief that:

  • Parents are essential. They play a fundamental role in the acquisition of the French language. Furthermore, they assume many roles and responsibilities related to the education and transmission of language and identity development among children—and other parents.  

  • Parents are committed. They are invested in the growth of their children whether at home, at school or in the community. They are the child’s first caregiver, educator, and are responsible for their health and well-being from birth to adulthood.

  • Parents make a difference. When parents are motivated and involved, it has a direct impact on the growth and vitality of the French-language community.


Our goal is to support all families in Manitoba’s French-language community, regardless of whether French is the first language, second language or one of many spoken in the home.


The FPFM has been known by several different names over the years:

  • Fédération provinciale des comités de parents (FPCP) 1976-2013

  • Fédération des parents du Manitoba (FPM) 2011-2020

  • Fédération des parents de la francophonie manitobaine (FPFM) 2020- today

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