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Parents and Families

Welcome parents!

This website was specifically designed with you, the non-francophone parent in mind.  

Maybe you speak little to no French at all or perhaps you’re a former immersion student who would like to start speaking French after not using it much since your school days. Or, maybe you’re somewhere in between!


Regardless of your level of French, we’re glad you’re here and hope to meet you soon. As a non-francophone parent, you play a vital role in nurturing and fostering your child’s French family life, education and identity. We welcome you into the diverse and ever-growing community we call, la francophonie manitobaine!

At the FPFM, we are here to support all francophone families in Manitoba through a variety of activities, programs and resources in an inclusive, respectful, engaging and fun environment.

For more information or resources, please contact our Francophone Consultant at 204-237-9666 ext. 203 or email

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