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CRÉE - The Centre de ressources éducatives à l’enfance

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Discover LE CRÉE and our network of 17 locations

Located at the FPFM facility in Winnipeg, LE CRÉE acts as the hub of the 17 CRÉEs, offering 11 rural locations and 6 urban locations in Manitoba for FPFM members.

LE CRÉE gathers all French resources available for you to borrow and that can be either delivered or picked up directly at your local CRÉE.

Picture of our CRÉE

Experience the French language and culture!

The Centre de ressources éducatives à l’enfance (CRÉE) provides members with hundreds of French resources for children from birth to age 12 and their families or guardians. At the CRÉE, there’s always something fun to do!



French resources to borrow: toys, games, books, movies, and more!

Children playing

A network of local families to connect with.

ABC blocks, pencil and paint brush

In person and online activities that empower children learning French.

Reserve a bundle of CRÉE resources

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you when your bag of resources is ready for curb side pick-up.

Bundle of CRÉE Resources Reservation Form
Age(s) of my child(ren)...
I would like the following resources...
I would like to pick-up my bundle of resources at my local CRÉE:

Thank you! We will contact you very soon.

The programming and services offered in the CRÉEs are aimed at the positive development of children aged 0 to 12 years and their families. They equip parents, the child's first educators, in areas such as:

  • literacy and numeracy

  • health and well-being,

  • global development,

  • socialization,

  • cultural identity,

  • linguistic vitality,

  • support for multilingual families.

The CRÉEs also supports Nursery Schools, Childcare Centre's, and Mini-Franco-Funs groups.

The French Childhood Resources Centres (Centres de ressources éducatives à l'enfance) are places where parents can spend time with their children.

Locate and contact your local CRÉE today!


Urban Locations

Logo - CRÉE


2-622B avenue Taché,
Winnipeg (St-Boniface)

204 237-9666 poste 205

See calendar of the month

Logo - CRÉE Roméo-Dallaire

CRÉE Roméo-Dallaire

Winnipeg (St-James)

204 885-8000

Logo - CRÉE Lacerte

CRÉE Lacerte

Winnipeg (St-Vital)

204 237-9666

Logo - CRÉE Précieux-Sang

CRÉE Précieux-Sang

Winnipeg (St-Boniface)

204 233-4327

Logo - CRÉE Noël-Ritchot

CRÉE Noël-Ritchot

Winnipeg (St-Norbert)

204 805-1195

Logo - CRÉE Taché

CRÉE Taché

Winnipeg (St-Boniface)

204 794-9803

Logo - CRÉE Christine-Lespérance

CRÉE Christine-Lespérance

Winnipeg (St-Vital)

204 797-5439

Rural Locations

Logo - CRÉE Gabrielle-Roy

CRÉE Gabrielle-Roy


204 878-4886

Logo - CRÉE Notre-Dame

CRÉE Notre-Dame


204 248-2147 poste 3

Logo - CRÉE Pointe-des-Chênes

CRÉE Pointe-des-Chênes


204 972-0469

Logo - CRÉE Saint-Laurent

CRÉE Saint-Laurent


204 646-2392

Logo - CRÉE St-Joachim

CRÉE St-Joachim

La Broquerie

204 392-9189

Logo - CRÉE La Source

CRÉE La Source


204 724-2890

Logo - CRÉE Saint-Georges

CRÉE Saint-Georges


204 330-4509

Logo - CRÉE Réal-Bérard

CRÉE Réal-Bérard


204 433-7706

Logo - CRÉE Lagimodière

CRÉE Lagimodière


204 878-4595

Logo - CRÉE Ste-Agathe

CRÉE Ste-Agathe


204 882-2275

Logo - CRÉE Saint-Jean-Baptiste

CRÉE Saint-Jean-Baptiste


204 758-3130


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