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Bonjour Bébé


French from the start.


Your link to francophone family programming.

Bonjour Bébé can inform you of programs available for families who want to learn and grow in French.

For families with children 0 – 2 years.

Why choose early childhood programs in French?



Cultivate well-being from birth to help your child thrive.



Benefit from several fun programs to promote the healthy development of your child.



Develop parent-child relationships and with other families.

For more information, please contact us at

(204) 237-9666 ext. 201

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* The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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The Bonjour Bébé outreach program is geared towards families where at least one parent speaks and understands French.   If this does not apply to your family but are passionate about the French language and culture please contact our francophone  consultant, Rachelle at


 Please complete and submit this form. A member of the team will contact you and set up an appointment and you will receive your free gift package.

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Thank you to the DSFM for their generous contribution to the Bonjour Bébé program.


To learn more about the DSFM and to find a French school in your area, visit


Thank you to Frontier College for their generous donation of French books that are included in your Bonjour Bébé bag.


Visit Frontier College to learn more about literacy programs for children to adults in Winnipeg.

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