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The Grand Rassemblement Préscolaire

Every year, the FPFM organizes the Grand Rassemblement Préscolaire (“Big Preschool Gathering”), an event to bring together francophone families with preschool-aged children come together to enjoy a day of fun in a French environment.  


There’s something for everyone, with lots of great activities such as games, crafts, face painting and the highlight of the day: a French concert just for kids, where singing and dancing is a must!  


Come and have fun with your community… this is a great event for the whole family to enjoy together. 

This year's Grand Rassemblement Préscholaire took place at the Children's Museum.

Below you'll find pictures taken during the event, as well as pictures of the wonderful Micah, who put on two French, song-filled shows for the children in attendance. 


For more information on our Grand Rassemblement, please contact 204 237-9666 ext. 203, or email

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